UNFOLDED Festival @ Papermill Gmund

Oct. 23.-24. 2019 – Exhibition Stand at the UNFOLDED-FESTIVAL

Two intense days, Paperwolf answered hundreds of questions to around 1100 visitors of the famous Unfolded Festival at the Papermill Gmund.

I presented a lot of my big and small sculptures and met so many inspiring people. A space fully packed with paper-lovers!

Top 5 Finalist GMUND-AWARD

With my Fox sculpture I made it to the Top 5 finalists!


Paperwolf’s Dream: A life supply of paper…

Presenting the PAPERorgan to the public. With a great response!

Festival’s new favorite: The Paper-Wolf!

Can you spot Paperwolf in this official Unfolded clip 2019?

UNFOLDED Festival 2019 from Gmund on Vimeo.